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Objects that have existed more than 100 years often gain their own spirit, becoming minor magic items, with abilities usually related to the item's function. For instance, a 100-year old tea cup would transform any tea into a hospitable, warm, satisfying drink. A suit of armor handed down through four generations would provide magical protection.

      Presumably, the older an object, the more powerful it becomes, although you know of no extremely old objects personally.

      Masterwork or previously enchanted items (notably weapons and armor) that become tsukumogami typically gain superior magical effects. These items are quite potent, though usually at some cost. The spirits residing within make them less predictable than "regular" magic items.


Cursed Tsukumogami

The spirits that inhabit tsukumogami are usually amenable to their use, although some have been known to be obstinate or vindictive if their item is used improperly. Items associated with violence or tragedy are said to be cursed. Bad things befall those who carry or use cursed tsukumogami.


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