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Notable NPCs

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You'll be getting a lot of fantasy names thrown at you in the course of this campaign. This is an alphabetical listing of NPCs you've met, and what you generally know about them.



Aaryev Vantage, human king of Uighiers. Slain by a dire tiger. Deceased.

Aoki, human regent of the Duchy of Sepulteg

Azurdanak, drow fighter, servant of the Minotaur in Deephearth



Ban Tokol, Master Drover of the hobgoblin slaver town of Amon Rask

Behest, mysterious name that the doppelgangers report to

Binnet, halfing wizard in Oakhome. Discovered to be an servant of the Locust Lord. Deceased.



Chiselmien Burdek, dwarf regent who denies the death of King Urnon and has taken a scholarly "true" remnant to reclaim the lost halls of Riddlemount until the king's return.

Cinderdelve Danurrog, dwarf who took money from Bigun's house to fund a religious pilgrimage to help establish Moradin's Mettle on the other side of the Jutpeaks. Left a letter and map in case anyone of Bigun's household ever came to find the money.

Courage, a double-masted construct ship, known as a "swimship"



Fekth, feral halfing living among the chokers in the machine shop above the southern elevator above Deephearth

Fesskl Vyurecks, human king of Nurmonen



Gansu, human mayor of Haven

Graina, human ranger. Brutecatcher in Sepulteg. Has an axebeak animal companion

Gurzulukxz, gauth leader of the one-eye goblin tribe in Uighiers



Hjurej, half-orc sorcerer/tattoo master in Nenunn

Hwei-ju, one of the five salamander Flamebrother lieutenants. Deceased.

Honeytongue, unknown.



Ibbot Poisontip, human big game hunter encountered in Vantagetown. Deceased.

Ironclang Kadmenna, dwarven blacksmith of Haven

Iseult, human wizard, close advisor to King Vyurecks

Iwaniki, human fence in Diverwhelm's harbor district



Jinko, hapless human sailor on the swimship Courage



Ktk Who Sinks Swimships, minotaur slaver sea captain

Kurza, human deputy mayor of Diverwhelm

Kwalish, kuo-toa creator of the crab apparatus



Locust Lord, of whom very little is known



Makiej, half-orc monk in Nenunn. Spoke with a squeaky high voice.

Mallek, human, your guide around Nenunn

Marden Whistlestop, gnome engineer of Haven

Medca, human Red Scales bandit who ran away from a fight with you

Michiku, human headman of the saltworker village outside of Vantagetown

Minotaur, The, minotaur living in the Librarynth in Deephearth. Speaks in riddles. Probably knows a great deal.



Naamani, naga leader of the Broken Axe lizardfolk in the Feverglades swamp. Deceased.

Nicephore, human cleric of Healing in Haven

Nu-qui-suul, red-colored dragon living in the royal residence within Deephearth. The only dragon you have ever seen or heard of. Deceased.




Ologhmati, human monk, keeper of the Span of the Hydra fighting style

Omund, human wizard of Haven

Ofori, human machinesmith in Diverwhelm



Paladin-Duke Amalthe, human Duke of Immadt

Pearl, human captain of the swimship, Courage



Reyyev Vantage, former human king of Uighiers. Deceased.

Rayodi Peryevol, human Duchess of Sepulteg, northern region of Nurmonen. Resurrected.



Seema-Ankha, justice archon freed from binding in the dwarven gatehouse above Deephearth. Agreed to deliver items to Goldenhope on Ronald's behalf to help him avoid oathbreaking consequences. She experienced trouble but apparently returned to the Astral plane safely.

Selivan the Binder, human monk and librarian of Haven

Sesseth, lizardfolk warrior assigned to lead you through the Feverglades marsh. Deceased.

Siluri, elf cousin of Voronion

Stoneshoulder Urnon, dwarf king of Anvilrock. Older brother to Inugot.

Stoneshoulder Inugo, dwarf king of Moradin's Mettle. Younger brother to Urnon.

Stoneshoulder Rokuda, dwarf king of fallen Deephearth. Deceased.

Suishuyama, demon elemental summoned by the Cult of the Tainted Earth. At large.

Syrin, lizardfolk barbarian leader of the Broken Axe clan. Possibly a doppelganger.

Syryuri Iimilpurdia, human queen of Gresht



Ttk Who Drowns Humans, minotaur. A slave you freed at Amon Rask. Has a begrudging respect for Ronald's fighting prowess after going a couple of rounds with him.

Tzernala, halfling. Works as part of the Runed Flag, a small underground railroad organization that funnels slaves out of hobgoblin lands. Relentlessly optimistic.



Urugtanum, monstrous druid of the Circle of Amber. Broke silence to speak to you in Deephearth



Vurue, human cartographer in the castle district of Diverwhelm



Wobb Crumpletask, gnome machinesmith employed by King Vantage to drain the Feverglades swamp



Ylissa, female human cleric. One of the leaders of the Tainted Earth cult, worshiping the demon elemental, Suishuyama. Deceased.




Zalakanth, illithid. Confronted you as you left Deephearth. Probably responsible for the disappearance of Francine the badger. Seems to have a grudge against the Triumvirate

Zelzelè, queen of the elves

Ziroq Blacklung, gnome exile from the enclave of Cryptopia (also known as Necrotopia). Currently living in Nenunn.


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