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Managems are specially cut gemstones that provide compact, quiet, clean, magical power for machines. Managems can power machinecraft, recharge magic items, and occasionally act as material components for very powerful spells. A single managem could power a simple device indefinitely, and a more complex device for weeks or months before exhausting itself.

      With proper cut, any good-quality gem can become a managem. However, the knowledge and skill to cut ordinary gems into managems was rare before the Plagues. Non-gnomes rarely learned gemcraft, though the skill was open to anyone. 

     Occasionally, gems come out of the ground glowing with magic. These gems were said to be nearly inexhaustible -- floating cities were said to stay aloft with a battery of these. They are also thought to be the source of the legendary ioun stones.

     Creating and maintaining managem-powered machines is a lost art. You have heard only stories about such things. 


Managem Types

You know of the following types of managems:


Emerald: ???

Ruby: Augments Strength and attack properties.

Sapphire: Affects Constitution and resilience effects.

Opal: Increases Intelligence and arcane magical qualities.



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