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Sakuru is a D20 fantasy setting based on ideas from D&D, fantasy anime, and Japanese-style rpgs. I like to think of it as D&D with touches of Studio Ghibli. Themes include exploring lost places, restoring ecologies, repairing broken circles, and defeating powerful villains.


This is my attempt to make a "sandbox" style of game. If I'm doing my job well, you should never be at a loss for things to do. But there will also never be a time where there's something you're "supposed" to do.  Come up with your own ideas for what you want to accomplish, and there will likely be someone around who wants to help you, and several who want to hinder you.


As you click around links, please let me know if you find something incorrect or incomplete. I've been kicking this wiki around for literally years, and there's probably parts of this circle that are still broken.


Navigating the Wiki

The sidebar on the right is split into two major categories: World and Rules.


World contains setting information: all the nouns you'll want to know to participate in the narrative of the place. This section will grow as you explore.


Rules mainly consists of character creation rules, which are mashups of several existing d20 rules sets, including a reworking of several parts. This part will probably stay consistent, although I'll tweak occasionally, especially to add prestige classes that your characters might qualify for as they explore the world.


The game rules themselves are primarily the Pathinder RPG, (which is basically the D&D rules we've been using for the last few years). As always, if you don't care to spend a lot of effort learning the rules, that's fine. Just tell me what you want to do, and I'll tell you how you can get it done. If you do want to know the rules, they're written down there.


If you're interested in supporting Paizo, the company that makes Pathfinder, you can buy a pdf copy of the rules for $10 at their online store. Many of their employees are old friends, and I like to see them get paid.


Click the bamboo circle in the top left corner of the page to go back to the Front Page.

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