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Each major race has a celestial representative, the Intercessor for members of their race or value system before the gods. Each Intercessor was once a living mortal, and many have descendents.

      The most popular Intercessors (and the gods with whom they have the strongest alliances):


Human: Pelor, (good, healing, strength, sun)

Elf: Corellon Larethian (chaos, good, protection, war)

Dwarf: Moradin (earth, good, law, protection)

Gnome: Garl Glittergold (good, protection, trickery)

Halfling: Yondalla (good, law, protection)

Orc: Gruumsh (chaos, evil, strength, war)

Hobgoblin: Maglubiyet (evil, destruction, trickery)


Some races, (notably humans), have rival Intercessors. Erythnul, Hextor, and Nerull are all lesser-known human Intercessors with enshrouded motives and goals. Religious cults devoted to these aberrant Intercessors exist across the land.


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