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Sakuru: The Broken Wheel

The world is 23 years past a series of unnatural disasters, known as the Six Plagues of Civilization. For reasons no one understood or foresaw, six magical plagues swept across the known world, throwing the common races into weakness and confusion. Numerous ecological and magical disasters resulted. Civilzation is fractured. Much has been lost.

      The Plagues were one-time events, but their legacy scars the common races and hinders the young who wish to learn of the old ways -- they have no teachers, and must learn on their own.

     You are part of the first generation to come of age since the Plagues. You have only stories of what the world was like before. But you are in excellent condition to discover what it is like now.


Geography and Climate

Sakuru has a variety of climates and terrains. At the beginning, all you know is a hilly, forested, temperate area in the middle-west region of the kingdom of Concoddte, one of the seven Hydra Kingdoms. As you travel, you will assuredly learn more of the world.



Religion is part of every person's life in Sakuru. Ancestors are revered in most places, and their spirits guide the living to bring honor and prosperity to their families. Most objects in nature have spirits within them, although interacting with them is difficult for the unlearned. Clerics wield great power from their divine Intercessors.



Age is magic. Knowledge is magic. And of course, magic is magic. In a place where age and knowledge have been destroyed, the young and ignorant must recover the old ways, relearn lost secrets. Perhaps you will be among them.



Fantastic hulks of metal rust across the world, remnants of great machines that powered wonders before the Plagues. Some machines operate on steam, alchemical, or physical principles, but the more impressive mechanical creations are powered with managems.

      Technology that still works is generally in poor repair. Much knowledge of maintaining and inventing machines has been lost and forgotten. 


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Source material for Sakuru includes:



Some information in this wiki has been taken from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document. Other parts were taken from non-open source material, including Paizo's Pathfinder RPG, and Monte Cook's various Books of Might and Experimentation. This material is not intended for publication or profit. If you hold the rights to any material herein and would like it removed, please contact me at jeff dot quick at gmail.

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