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Country with no king


Symbol: Galeb-duhr

Alignment: N

Capital: One Stone (pop. 0, abandoned)

Notable Settlements: Diverwhelm (pop. ?), Haven (pop. 439), Oakhome (pop. 218), Viceroy (pop. ?)

Ruler: none.

Government: No known government currently rules Concoddte, although local governments operate within their available spheres of influence.



A green land of hills, rivers, and grasslands, Concoddte was formerly a nation of agriculture, mining, and light industry in the Hydra Kingdoms. Concoddte's King Iivu Kurkkua was killed about two years before the Six Plagues, and succession was both unclear and heavily contested. Machinations to determine the new ruler cost all parties dearly--heirs and successors were assassinated or ruined at considerable expense. Then came the Plagues.

      To your knowledge, no one with sufficient skill or will has emerged in the intervening years to reclaim the kingdom. The most likely candiate, Paladin-Duke Amalthe of Immadt, staunchly refused to vie for the throne before the Plagues in obedince to the laws of succession.

      Formerly consisting of eight duchies, noble claims appear to have been abandoned in the wake of the Plagues, save for Immadt. At least one visitor from the duchy's capital, Viceroy, has arrived at Haven since the Plagues, requesting the village's fealty. Haven's mayor, Gansu, politely declined. Nothing has been heard from the Paladin-Duke since, but his court likely represents the most coherent remaining power in Concoddte.


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