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Sakuru has all the core D20 classes, plus a new one.


Barbarian: Warrior of rage and cunning

Bard: Musician, messenger, and jack of all trades

Cleric: Divine spellcaster of the gods

Druid: Communer with spirits of the world

Fighter: Master of armed combat

Machinesmith: Smith who makes and maintains wondrous machines UNFINISHED -- but done soon, I hope.

Monk: Wise warrior of unarmed combat

Paladin: Champion of Law and Good

Ranger: Wanderer and protector, at home in the wild

Rogue: Skilled problem solver

Sorcerer: Spellcaster whose magic comes from crossed bloodlines

Wizard: Arcane spellcaster who studies to understand magic



We're gonig to do experience gain a little differently. You'll gain a level roughly every 13 encounters, or 4 sessions, execept I'll slow the rate down in the sweet spot, from around 5th to 9th level. Really, don't bother trying to keep track, since I'll probably go off course at my whim. General bonuses gained are as follows:


Character Advancement and Level-Dependent Bonuses

Character Level Encounters Feats Ability Score Raises
1 0 1  
2 13    
3 13 2  
4 13   1st
5 13 3  
6 26    
7 26 4  
8 26   2nd
9 26 5  
10 26    
11 13 6  
12 13   3rd
13 13 7  
14 13    
15 13 8  
16 13   4th
17 13 9  
18 13    
19 13 10  
20 13   5th



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